Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Equip For SHTF

In the event that the shit hits the fan, a person would do well to be prepared. Once you have achieved a certain level of preparedness, then comes time to think about priorities in the carrying of needed tools, weapons, and equipment.

Level 1 - Immediately Necessary
These are the things that should never leave your possession. In other words - don't put them down. Sleep with them on you if need be.
- Handgun (and extra mags)
- Knife
- Wallet
- Keys
- Phone

Level 2 - Weapons
The history of the human race is filled with violence. Don't pretend for a moment that any SHTF situation does not have the potential to turn violent. Expect it.

As such, never find yourself more than a short sprint away from your rifle and chest rig. 100 yards is way too far. A good start is a minimum of 7 mags (1 in the rifle, 6 on the chest rig or belt) for your AR15. Also, a chest rig is an excellent way to carry extra pistol mags, as well as commonly needed tools like a knife, a flashlight, or a multi-tool.

Level 3 - Immediate Bug Out
This is your bug out bag. Ideally, a backpack containing the "10 C's" along with perhaps a few more sundries. Don't stray too far away, unless you are in a secure camp or perhaps in a dire situation where you need to shed weight to move rapidly.

Level 4 - Long Term Bug Out
This should be a duffle bag with long term supplies. Maybe changes of clothes, winter and summer wear, alternate mission-specific attachments for your chest rig, etc. This can be left in a place more readily as its contents may not be immediately necessary.

You should never be without Level 1 equipment unless bathing. And even then, it shouldn't be much more than arm's length away.

Level 2 equipment should be close enough that you can put hands on it within 10 seconds, tops.

Actually putting the chest rig on your body, along with the backpack from Level 3, should be accomplished within 60 seconds of contact. Hence the idea of the "minute-man."

If Level 4 equipment is within a day's walk or so, then no big deal. However, as with the rest of these things - the closer to you, the better.

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