Friday, February 26, 2016

Tradcons Are The Problem

Yes, Tradcons are the problem. But never fear, they are too weak to stand in the way. Hence the new epithet cuckservative.

These are the people that buy into feminist lies ("strong, independent woman") while supporting legislation and policies that are quite the opposite (e.g. alimony). In this example there is a challenge... one cannot simultaneously believe that our society is dependant upon strong, independent women and believe that alimony (or even child support) has any part in modern society. The two concepts are polar opposite.

Recently, the author "lost" two friends because of personal beliefs in strong male and female roles in life. Of course, it wasn't really a loss, as people like this make piss-poor "friends." In correspondence, the former friend stated a desire to raise his daughter as a "strong, independent woman." This phrase stands for all that is wrong in modern society.

Humans are not the only creatures that display differing roles. In fact, humans are one of the few species in which a strong father figure is critical. So, it could be said that not only are humans capable of different roles based on gender, but also that such differentiation is inherent in our species.

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  1. Once upon a time, my father asked me: "What is the most important thing to teach your child?" I answered "Self reliance."

    He sat down and did not speak for several minutes. Then he looked up and nodded.


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