Friday, February 19, 2016

Red Pill Origins

The year was 1993. I had graduated high school and was headed off to college that fall. A small group of high school friends was my clique. Our core was 3 guys and 2 girls. We had some "orbiter" friends who were accepted in the group, just not as tight-knit as the core.

That fall, one of the core girls, "Rachel," got a boyfriend. She had somewhat dated another guy in the core, but they weren't a good fit. But her boyfriend hung the moon. To be fair, nobody else in our clique really cared for the guy. I could have cared less, but he really didn't like me (alphas often dislike sigmas).

One Saturday night, we were at Rachel's place, and she had some news. She was positively beaming. She wore a smile from ear to ear. The night before, she and dear boyfriend had engaged in sex. It was her first time. We all politely listened to the gory details as she recounted what had happened.

They were kissing in her room. He undressed her. It just felt right. He got undressed. They did the nasty. He put on a condom to finish. Those were the details she relayed. I'd never seen her so happy. My friends and I were happy for her.

Some time later, her boyfriend dumped her for another girl. She was disappointed, but such is life.

The following spring, our clique drifted apart. One guy spent a lot of time with his band. He and his girlfriend (the other female core member) broke up and she dated someone else else soon after. The other guy was working a lot, trying to save some money to move out on his own. I was at college and easily picked up new friends... and other old friends. Rachel got a job at a local video store (that's a story all of itself, too).

Fall of 1994, we tried putting things back together. I was dating the girl who is now my wife. She instantly was part of the core. But things just were not quite the same. Are they ever?

As we tried to reassemble, during one of our parties, Rachel spoke of "that guy who had raped her." This was news to me!

Of course, I asked for details. The other guys did, too. Never did any of us think she was referring to her boyfriend of only a year ago. But she said it was him. Trying to assume the best of my friend, I presumed Rachel meant that later, after our group had broken up, he had raped her. But no, that wasn't it.

She outright said that the time in her bedroom from a year back had been the "rape!"

My buddies and I were flabbergasted. She had been so happy to have slept with him only a year prior. Even only six months prior. But now she called it rape. This was not rape. It had been consensual, and the other four of us were witness to it.

And such was my first realization in that which is now referred to as "Red Pill" teachings. Buyer's remorse being renamed "rape." But we all know it is not real rape. Real rape is what those Syrian "refugees" do to European women.

Not surprisingly, I have kept up with "Rachel" all these years. Albeit at arm's length. She has been through two marriages, and cannot seem to find "Mr. Right." Rachel had been 105 pounds soaking wet at age 18 - and at 5'8" tall - but is now much heavier than I am. She publicly laments on Facebook when her children see their respective fathers, just to try to get attention.

The way I see it, and the way Red Pill philosophy teaches, she has done this to herself. By embracing feminist lies, she has come to have unrealistic expectations from life. Unrealistic expectations can only lead to disappointment and "failure."

I would weep for my friend, but I cannot honestly say that I care. But that's a different post for a different day!

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