Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mount Review

In this review, we shall investigate return to zero claims of the American Defense Mounts ACOG mount.

The optic used was a Primary Arms PAC5X.

The rifle was an M16A4 clone outfitted with a free-floating Del-Ton 20" government profile barrel with a 1:9 twist. Free-floating was accomplished via a LaRue quad rail. This set up was constructed to retain the M16A4 appearance, while simultaneously reaping the benefits of the free-floating.

While not specifically a precision rifle, this set up can hold its own. The author would put this build up against any SDM build in terms of precision performance.

Control Group

First, a control group was shot. Technically, two control groups were fired. Hornady 53 gr VMAX and Federal 50 gr Tipped Varmint.

The point of aim was the second square down from the top right corner for the Hornady.

The point of aim for the Federal was second square down from the left top corner.

As you can see, both groups were under 1 MOA. At this point, the scope was removed and flip up iron sights were employed.

Mount Removal

Next, a 5 shot group was fired using irons and the Federal 50 grain ammunition. The point of aim was putting the center square as the "pumpkin on a fence post."

Clearly, the author needs to take 3 clicks of right windage.

For the final part of this experiment, the scope was reapplied in the same location on the rail.

Mount Reapplied

With the PAC5X back in its place, a 5 shot group was fired, again using the Federal 50 grain ammo. The point of aim was the line dividing the two boxes under the center square.

As is evidenced, the mount returned to zero exactly. 1 click up in elevation was applied to the scope, and all was good that day.

The ADM mount guarantees a return to zero and it lives up to that guarantee. It works for ACOGs as well as similar Primary Arms and Burris optics. Buy with confidence.

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