Friday, February 12, 2016

Barrel Comparison

In a few months, my wife will be attending a shooting clinic. To be fair, I will also be there. However, my role will not be that of a fellow shooter.

Since precision will be one of the measuring tools of this clinic, I decided to test my wife's rifle ("Pinky") with several different ammunitions. Also, the clinic will be shot at a distance of 50 yards, therefore, this evaluation was performed at 50 yards. For posterity  (and shooting enjoyment), each ammo was also tested with my SPR - which is quite possibly the most accurate rifle I've owned.

The rifle:
"Pinky" is a 16" carbine, free floated with a Samson rail. She features a pink pistol grip and carbine stock, hence her name. Her barrel is from Blackhole Weaponry.  "Standard" thickness - thicker than a pencil barrel, but thinner than a typical medium contour barrel. The barrel has a 1:8 twist and a .223 Wylde chamber. The third picture demonstrates her capabilities with 69 gr. match ammo at 100 yards.

The ammunition to be evaluated:
Hornady V-MAX 55 gr. (upper right)
Hornady V-MAX 53 gr. (lower right)
Hornady Spire Point 55 gr. (upper left)
Federal Varmint tipped 50 gr. (lower left)

The only real surprise was that neither rifle liked the Hornady Spire Point. It measured around 4 MOA out of both barrels. I later confirmed this finding at 100 yards with the SPR.

Clearly, "Pinky" liked the Hornady 53 gr. and the Federal 50 gr. ammo the most. Since the Federal is only half the cost, it shall be the choice.

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