Monday, February 22, 2016

Gun Control Troll

Witnessed on Facebook  - one of those "Hip" groups...

Gun Control Idiot: I think all AR15 assault rifles should be banned.

Pro-2A Counter-Troll: It's because they're black, isn't it?

GCI: No, it's not because you're black. You look white in your profile picture. It is because they are death machines!

P2ACT: Black rifles matter. All rifles matter!

GCI: That is the most idiotic statement ever. Go away, the adults are talking!

P2ACT: Maybe you'd accept me if I weren't so evil looking and so scary and so black!

P2ACT: That's better. Now I'm not black anymore. Not so scary-looking. Now can you find it in your heart to love me?

GCI: That's ridiculous. Go away. Besides, those rifles can't even be used for hunting. And what if one of your precious black rifles (or green? rifles) finds its way into the hands of a child?

P2ACT: This might happen.

Bystander: I think GCI's mind was just blown. 


  1. Thanks yall for reading and commenting!

  2. I think I just died laughing... seriously though, did the moron even try to respond? I'm imagining his head (her head?) exploding...they NEVER going to get that keyboard clean... :-P

  3. That's what is known in the trade as "painting yourself into a corner" ...

  4. Brilliant! Doesn't take much to vapor lock a libtard hoplophobe.


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