Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Women Know Their Role

Women are happier in life when they fulfill their natural role of wife and mother than if they work for some company doing something.

Such a misogynistic statement!
If a man makes it. 

But, it is an empowering statement if a woman makes it.

In other news, if a black man calls another black man "ni**er," then it's ok... but if a white man calls the same black man the same term, then it's racist.

How about we apply some common sense, people.


  1. I always use the proper term, found in my Oxford Standard dictionary... negro. Not to give offense, but to send a clear message. They don't get to tell me what words I'm allowed to use.

  2. Rules that liberals follow:

    1) Provide new definitions for words.

    2) Definitions are likely to change over time.

    3) Ostracize individuals or groups which use older definitions.

    4) Personalize the offense.

    5) View this as advantageous to your cause.

    6) These rules do not apply to forward thinkers such as ourselves.


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