Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why You Should Support Bernie Sanders For President

You should support a Bernie Sanders presidency, and here's why...

Hillary Clinton is a very polarizing figure. If she's elected, we will have (at least) four years of gridlock. Things will not be able to progress.

Much the same could be said of Trump.

The minor Republican candidates - Christie, Kasich, Carson, Fiorina, etc. - and Rubio (the most major of the minor candidates currently) will most certainly keep the US on the Highway to Totalitarian Hell... albeit at a slower pace than we are currently going.

Cruz, the most liberty minded candidate left on the Republican side, would not halt the motion of the handbasket... but he would wind the clock back thirty years on its "progress" toward that Very Hot Place.

Bernie, though...
Well, there's a reason Bernie's grassroots campaign uses the slogan #feelthebern . Bernie is the kind of guy that can reach across the aisle and get the establishment Republicans to side with him on his Totalitarian ideals. He's got a shortcut on the Highway to Hell and there's no speed limit.

The US would crumble in about his 5th or 6th year. Yes, he would win re-election (and by a landslide). So, the sooner Bernie takes office, the sooner the "reset button" is hit on our country and it implodes. And lessons once learned will be learned again. And after its over, the survivors might just have freedom.

Vote Bernie this year and put what's left of the good ol' US of A out of her misery.


  1. I don't get it. First you were conservative. Then you claimed to be a Libertarian. Now you're a socialist! You change your mind more often than some people change their underwear.

    1. "I don't get it."
      Truer words were never spoken.

      It's called satire. Perhaps you should get through 5th grade before reading more of this blog.

  2. Satire is RARELY understood anymore!


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