Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Refugee Hypocrisy

There is much commentary these days on the Syrian refugee issue. Liberals making fun of Christians for not wanting more refugees. And Christians saying they don't want more refugees because of the danger.

As always, to understand the liberal point, one must remember that their mindset is the same as a young, emotional child. When one understand this, all of the rest of their points make a little bit more "sense." Add to that the concept that liberals simply wish to "rebel" against conservative ideas more than they wish to actually do anything else. So, they go around looking for conservative ideas, and then they try to "rationalize" a counterpoint.

All too often, the counter point has no rationale.

So lately, the Liberals have been blaming Christians for "not demonstrating love" - all because the Christians don't want to accept more refugees into the country, and risk further terrorist attacks.

Why the liberal argument holds no water.
If a person values the ability to murder an unborn child, yet wishes to preach about the humanitarianism of showing love to refugees, then their argument is completely invalid. Murder one group of people but you must show love to another? Hypocrisy anyone?

Liberals want our government to give the charity to these refugees. But, they don't want to give the charity themselves. This is nothing new.  Historically, liberals really don't want to give as much themselves; they just want the government to give, because the government must take from you first.

Liberals were never serious about wanting true Christian morality either. Otherwise, why did they  mock Christians   just weeks later?

Why the realist ideas to hold water.
It is a demonstration of love, to want to keep your family, friends, and society safe.

It might be true that Jesus Himself might have accepted the refugees. However, He is both all-knowing and all-powerful. Two qualities that humans do not possess. He would be able to tell who intended harm, and be able to do something about it beforehand. People do not have that ability.

There is no violation of Constitutional rights. While all people have fundamental human rights, non-citizens do not have American rights.

And really... why are liberals not holding Muslim countries' feet to the fire, and requiring them to take in refugees too? Where is the outrage there?


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