Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fat Ladies and Motorized Chairs II

I have documented before  Pops' altercations with fat ladies and their obsession with those motorized carts. Well, I saw that photo above, and was reminded of this recent interaction Pops had:

Pops was shopping. He was in a motorized cart. He had been shopping in this particular store for about 10 minutes, and had several items in the basket. Also in the basket was Pops' walking cane.

Reminder: Pops has no right foot (amputation mid-shin) and only half of his left foot (another amputation).

Pops was standing to reach an item placed up high, when suddenly - out of nowhere - a fat lady sneaks up and gets in his cart and drives off. She even takes his shopping items with her!

Pops chases her down. She begins all the excuses we have heard before... "oh, it's just so hard for me to walk," etc. Pops had not asked for an excuse, but the guilty often try to preemptively excuse their actions.

But Pops wasn't chasing her down to get the cart back, or anything like that. He picked up his walking cane.

"I just wanted to get my cane before you drove off too far," Pops said - pointing at his pant-leg which was pulled up, exposing his prosthetic leg & foot.

Some people have no shame.

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