Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Attack From The Top

 Lefty has a good article on President Obama's absolutely asinine "method" of "fighting" terrorism.

After reading that article, a friend of mine pointed out that Obama seems completely detached from reality. Of course, most liberals are detached from reality.

But I have a different theory... one that explains Obama's every action exactly and without fail.

Imagine that you genuinely hated America and everything that the US has been and has stood for over its 200+ year existence. Now imagine that you have been thrust into a position to do something about it. And finally, imagine that you wish to destroy America, but you want to give at least a half-assed cover story so as to prevent a civil war. A civil war you'd most certainly lose - so you have to prevent it.

If a person looks at Obama's actions under that light, then everything he does makes sense.

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