Monday, December 21, 2015

Liberals Always Change The Topic

A recent written conversation was observed:

Infidel Patriot - I'm as wary of the real threat the militant Muslims bring as anybody out there. Regardless, we cannot sell out our rights for perceived security. On this (freedom of religion) or any other right. That said, a moratorium on immigration is not selling out any rights and would make perfect sense at this time.

Liberal Idiot - That makes absolutely no sense. By that reasoning, white men should have been outlawed by now based on all the bombings and mass shootings they've done...but no one talks about that.

Now, clearly, the first comment has to do with not allowing Muslim refugees or immigrants into the US, at least for a time, due to concerns over jihadist activity. A rational comment would address that topic. But here, the Liberal Idiot (LI for short) intentionally changes the topic to avoid discussion of whether a refugee moratorium is needed. Classic emotional response as opposed to rational.

You expect a young child to change the topic when she is in the wrong. It would explain a lot to presume that liberals simply have the mentality of said child. In fact, it could explain almost everything they do or say.

If you find comments like this in your social media feeds, ignore them, or force the issue at hand. Do not let yourself be pulled into their rhetoric. Force logical argument. Or simply dismiss the comments as irrelevant.

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