Thursday, December 3, 2015

Same Old Song & Dance, My Friend

Yesterday there was another mass killing.

Again, it was perpetrated by a member of the "religion of peace."
Again, it was in a place with heavy gun restrictions.
Again, it was the centerpiece of a call for more gun control by the left.

And yet...

Again, the left wants more gun control.
Again, the left refuses to admit the threat posed by the "religion of peace."
Again, the left wants to take my guns and yours, despite the fact that we have never harmed anyone.

Well, I refuse to believe their rhetoric.

Again, there is no logic to it.
Again, it ignores facts.
Again, there is an underlying desire to control in their message.

Why would they be so wrong, so often?

Maybe it is willful ignorance.
Maybe it is plain stupidity.
Maybe it is an untreated mental illness.

But the truth is simple - regardless of the left's motivation for misleading propaganda, I refuse to gain facts from or lend credence to a person who is willfully ignorant, or stupid, or mentally ill.

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