Thursday, December 31, 2015

Post Zero

It's all about the logic.

What so many people don't get is that I'm all about the logic. Make no mistake, I experience emotion, too - albeit on a much reduced scale than most. It's just that emotions do not drive my behavior.

This whole blog - all seven years and 100,000+ page views - has been my logical take on things. In the rare instance I feel something about a topic, I mention it in passing. But I realize that the vast majority of people are driven to action by their emotion.

Normally, if someone writes hundreds of words about something, it's because they are mad or sad, or insert emotion here. If you actually see me mad or sad, there's a 99% chance it's an act to motivate another person into doing something. Nothing written on this blog was motivated by emotion of any sort.

The only other driving force you will find is a sort of ocd about getting the proper information out there. Misinformation is something I cannot tolerate, and must be corrected. These days, it's fine if someone keeps at it with purposeful misinformation - I fully realize that they either have a "mission" to the contrary of logic (often rooted in rebellion) or are a troll.

So, for clarity and fairness, I shall name this entry - "Post Zero"
If you want further clarification, send me an email and ask, I'll be happy to post about it.

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