Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Even More Training

Recently, I attended another training class. This one on breaching and clearing  (again, for me), as well as shooting while moving.

Breaching and clearing
Breaching and clearing went much as before, but with some twists. This instructor has among his credentials, time spent teaching CQB to Navy SEALs. So he had a few more techniques at his disposal that the students were familiarized with. In addition to button hooks and modified breaching - which comprised all of what we had done before - we were taught "Israeli Limited" entry. This is a good option if there are only two operators.

Israeli Limited
Israeli Limited also works with teams of 3 or more, and I like it so much that I think it should be a standard tactic of all fire teams. In fact, I think it should be the default tactic of a fire team. It's even more aggressive than standard same-side entry, and actually safer for the operator at the same time. However, Israeli Limited might not be appropriate if the room to enter has an open doorway.

Areas of Responsibility
Also covered was a modification of areas of responsibility. Typically, a left-right-center or a right-left-center would be the rule of thumb. However, when clearing a large or long room, another tactic might be to go left-center-right (or right-center-left). The catch is that the 2nd operator must not get caught in "the funnel." If the first man goes left, and the second man goes center, but sees contact (an enemy) to the right, then he must shift midstream and apply force to the enemy. The third operator must then take center, reacting to the actions of the second operator.

Coin Drill
Also, we covered shooting and moving. First drill was to walk forward with our rifle pointed at the target while balancing a coin. If the coin dropped,  you stopped at that place.  We did this drill until most of the students could move the entire 20 yards without dropping the coin. I made the entire 20-yard trip without fail all four times.

Shoot & move
We did a drill where seven shooters lined up. On command, the shooters would steady walk toward the target and fire when commanded. One might fire 5-15 rounds per drill. Sometimes, the command was to "fire 2," or even "fire 3."

Sprint & shoot
We did a drill where we had to, on command, sprint several yards to cover, take cover, then fire three rounds at the target. I had fun with this.

I ran each drill with my SPR, my M16A4, and my M4. The A4 wore only iron sights. The SPR has an ACOG with piggyback red dot, and the M4 has a red dot.

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