Friday, December 11, 2015

2A Quotes

In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack in California, some of the following 2A Quotes were to be found on Facebook. All apply.

Laws prevent nothing.
All a law can do is punish something that has already happened. A law cannot prevent the next bad thing from happening.

A thief wants to steal from you.
A socialist democrat wants the government to steal from you.
See the difference?

Both liberty and tyranny can be too much for a person to handle.
Liberty is too much for a moron to handle.
Tyranny is too much for an intelligent person to handle.

It's so adorable when left-wing outlets try to pass themselves off as news and information.
Kind of like when my son used to put on a mask to play as Iron Man.
And both situations involve just as much make-believe.

Gun control never takes guns away from criminals.

Banning guns will not keep them out of the hands of criminals.

What's legal for the government yet not for the people is the Avenue by which tyranny will (not "might") take hold.

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