Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Female Weight Reconnaissance

It's a well known fact (see meme above) that there is not a woman who is not at least a "4" crazy.

A leading contributor to the mental / emotional problems of many women is their weight. In this age of ever-increasing obesity, it is important to understand that there is a greater likelihood these days of mental / emotional problems for women.

Certainly, there are women who are rather slim and fit, who also have mental / emotional issues. But what these women don't have, to a large degree, are health issues. So, frankly, it's a benefit because they only have the weight obsession and not other health issues.

It is the Recce Rifleman's observation that, by and large, fit women have fewer mental / emotional issues than do fat women. This is generally true for men, as well, if to a lesser degree.  

Furthermore, it is a biological fact that obesity dramatically lowers a woman's attractiveness. A woman's single most important raison d'etre is to bear children and propagate the species; and that is directly linked to her attractiveness. In an unsurprising twist of fate, obesity also interferes with a woman's ability to procreate.

So, women, getting your size under control will increase your health, your value, and decrease your mental / emotional issues.

"Healthy at any size," isn't.  

If you are female, and your weight begins with a "2" (or "3"), then that includes you.

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