Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump & Syria

Wow. Thursday evening, President Trump authorized a missile strike on Syria. This author was among many that had tweeted against intervention in Syria. However, those pleadings may have been misplaced. But not everyone is convinced of that.

Vox Day starts out from the point of view that Trump was in the wrong... but then had a change of mind later.

Bayou Renaissance Man  explains why the action was in the right.

No matter whether Trump was in the right or the wrong, one thing is certain: he only stands to gain from this. There are several options as to what exactly went on:

Trump was misled by Neocons / The gas attack was a hoax
If this is the cause, expect heads to roll. Trump will clean house, as he has no problem firing anybody. Also, expect Trump to take major action against the alphabet-soup government organizations.

This was Mattis
If Mad Dog was the sole culprit of misinformation  coupled with action, expect consequences. Maybe not a firing, but tightening of the reins at the least.

The information was real
Then the actions were justified. No, there aren't any "good guys" over there, but what do we lose by attacking a chemical weapons delivery system? Also, if the information is legitimate, then it brings forth the question of whether Bush the Younger was right about Iraq moving WMDs to Syria. If Bush was right, then we may have a serious Liberal Deep State influence, and all of it may need burned to the ground.

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