Monday, April 25, 2016

Handicap Match

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have  joined forces to try to block Trump from receiving the nomination. Some thoughts -

First, this is absolutely disgraceful. No dignified human being would do this. It shows what a complete disaster the Republican party has become.

Second, if this doesn't remove all doubt from the claim that Cruz was having his strings pulled by the Republican establishment, then maybe you are just waiting for a specific endorsement from  the Koch brothers directly.

Third, if you plan to vote for either, given this knowledge, then you are, at best, a very dishonorable human being. There is no excuse. You are knowingly voting for a person who is openly trying to cheat the system. That makes you part of the problem. That makes you no different from the libtards. That makes you equally as dishonest and deplorable.

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