Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Movie Review: Noah

Yes, the one with Russell Crowe.
Yes, the one so heavily criticized.
Yes, the one that took "artistic license" with the Biblical story.

To be fair, my readers must know that I consider Genesis chapters 1-12 to be largely parable in nature. For example: I believe God created the world, but it wasn't in six literal days.

I will not argue the Biblical inaccuracies of the film - there were plenty. To my taste, it didn't distract from the story. In the film, Noah did not speak to God directly. Therefore, by default, Noah had to speculate as to God's will on some of the finer points. This was strictly for more drama and intense scenes in the end, not for anything else. It did not detract from the core story that mankind's wickedness will be punished.

For me and others like me, the fact that the story of Noah is a parable to begin with is enough for us to accept the creative licenses taken with a [small] grain of salt and still enjoy a slightly-better-than-average creation of Hollywood. The central core of the story of Noah is not lost - believe in God, and do not be wicked.

One thing - I remember many Creationists being up in arms about this film presenting creation and evolution. In the montages dealing with the creation story, both options were left perfectly valid.

I enjoyed it. Not the best movie ever. Not even the best this year. But better than most of Hollywood's crap-ola.


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