Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On Dating 2

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 2: Women are 95% a product of the relationship (or lack thereof) between they and their fathers. Men are made by their mothers, women by their dads. If daddy beat them, left them, or otherwise was a s***bag, you had better believe they will not have healthy impulses and chaos will follow them throughout their days. This is an absolute, so trust me when I say, if they don't have a healthy relationship with pops, they're not having one with you either, so f***ing run. Yes, they're going to be fun in the sackeroo, but trust me....run. That other 5% of their nature comes from lucky genetics, but you're not turning that into anything by yourself. You ain't fixing a broken girl, so just run.


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