Monday, May 16, 2016

Leftists Lie

Some conversations I've had in person this political season with leftists:

Gun Law
Leftist: "I supported  Makayla's Law and I think all reasonable gun owners do."

Usagi: "Nope. Not even close."

Leftist: "Why not? Do you not wish to punish parents that enable children to kill people?"

Usagi: "If we do start punishing people for things they didn't do, can I just make a law to punish you when someone gets shot with a gun?"

2nd Amendment
Leftist: "I believe in the 2nd Amendment. In the militia. In the right to bear arms."

Usagi: "Cool! I belong to a militia. Wanna join?!"


Leftist: "Would you consider voting for me? I'm in need of some Republican supporters."

Usagi: "Then you came to the wrong person."

Presidential Politics
Leftist: "I can't imagine any intelligent people voting for Trump. Now you, Usagi, you're a pretty smart guy. Who did you vote for in the Primary? Carson? Kasich?"

Usagi: "Make America Great Again."


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