Monday, May 9, 2016

When I Became A Muslim

Did I ever tell you about the time I became a muslim?
Well, pull up a chair and listen to this. Or read it. Whatever your pleasure.

As you probably know, I read Return of Kings - pretty much on a daily basis. A man in question ("MIQ") knew spring of last year that I read it. I sent him a link! I sent him the link in front of a witness ("Mr. Alighieri"), who also reads ROK.

Recently, ROK scheduled a meetup, which was attacked by feminists and social justice warriors. The meetings were eventually "cancelled." However, when MIQ and his girlfriend (38 years old, never married, no kids - read into that what you will) got wind of it, they wanted to meet the ROK readers with arms. I politely advised I would be in the ROK group and would similarly be armed. This set off the girlfriend.

Behind the scenes, she whined, complained, and raised cain. Things were stirred up, and family was brought in, and much ado was made of nothing. At one point, one family member - with whom I am friends on that wonderful social media outlet, Facebook - saw the above punisher logo. Seeing the Arabic letters, alarm was raised.

Taking things to the extreme, as idiots do, MIQ made the following connection:
Roosh V owns ROK.
Roosh V = Daryush Valizadeh
Daryush Valizadeh = sounds muslim. (Middle Eastern)
ROK = a way to spread the word about Islam!

When you make decisions based on your presumptions instead of facts, it tends to make you look like an ass.

MIQ certainly did... he emailed me to tell me he would have nothing more to do with me (what is this? grade school?). Specifically, he mentioned my "involvement in the 'Muslim Death Cult'."

Now, without a doubt, Islam is a death cult. No arguments there. However, that's where the facts end. Well, that and Roosh V = Daryush Valizadeh. Roosh certainly has middle eastern ancestry, but I cannot recall ever reading him preach Islam. In fact, ROK is frequently bashing Islam and pushing Christianity.

And with that ASSumption, he helped his girlfriend spread to the family that I was part of a Muslim Death Cult. That's why one saw the above photo and asked what it was... she thought it was some Islamic symbol. Folks, the Arabic letters there spell "kaffir" - or infidel. In other words, it's an American comic book symbol (the Punisher), making fun of Islam by openly claiming to be an infidel.

This was the same symbol made famous by US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. I don't think he was any part of a Muslim Death Cult. In fact, I think he shot those guys. Like 160 confirmed times.

So, that's the story of how I was once branded as being a muslim - by having a profile picture on Facebook that mocks Islam, of all things.

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