Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shooting Challenges

Recently, I instructed a  marksmanship clinic. My wife was one of the participants. She was impressed to be one of the few riflemen of the group, but I was not surprised. So, during a recent range trip, I gave her a few challenges. 

This was an evaluation she shot. She scored 45, the minimum score to be a Rifleman. However, this target was shot at 100 yards, not 50. So that means the target was to scale with a 600 yard target.

This was a 100 yard group she shot (on the same target - scaled 600 yards) using Federal 69 gr match ammo. Sub 2 MOA group.

This was a group she fired from 200 yards. Again, she used Federal 69 gr match ammo. Again, a sub 2 MOA group.

Now that we had her precision down, we decided to do some other challenges.

Her first time shooting with a red dot. Even though it is not centered, the small group is proof she maintained the same sight picture each time. A few clicks of left windage and elevation would have had her dead center.

And next...

This is my wife's first time shooting with iron sights. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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