Friday, May 13, 2016

The "Final" Excuse

"Usagi, the government can kill you if they want. They have more manpower. If you have a gun, they have 100 guns... bigger guns. They can drone strike you. They have air support. If they want you dead, then there's really nothing you can do about that."

- several people I've met over the years.

To an extent, this statement is true. But, it ignores several crucial fact. Most notable, the government and elites need a populace that will support them. They are not hunters, farmers, or fighters. They cannot survive on their own. They must live off of the work of others.

This meme sums it up well.

Want to know a secret?
The government could kill us all. But they don't dare. Not for fear of retribution, but for fear of having to do all the things man has done for thousands of years. Things they are not equipped to do: hunting, fishing, farming, building, working, fighting.

The tool they are forced to use is occasional violence and much intimidation. The problem comes if they use too much violence or if they fail to intimidate. If either of those happens, their workforce is gone.

"Militia" is only a bad word if you are a tyrant. Why? Because the formation of a militia indicates the beginning of the end of intimidation. And carried to its logical conclusion, it could lead to the level of violence that the elites dare not risk.

Lately, the US government has been allowing ISIS to do the dirty work of intimidation. It would not be surprising if the government under current "leadership" actually allowed a terrorist attack on US soil between now and the election. This could have the effect of frightening more people into believing that more government is the solution.

Or, it might just awaken enough people to the reality of the fact that the government is not here to protect the US citizenry.

Militias, Oath Keepers, and 3%ers are ready for just such a threat. Prepared to meet all enemies - foreign or domestic - to defend family, friends and country. If you do not already belong to just such an organization, you should consider changing that.

The lone wolf will have the hardest time surviving, but the pack of wolves will be strong.

MT3 / Wolf Pack / WQRT / DM

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