Monday, May 23, 2016

The Myth of the Single Mom

There's a myth in America, and other "1st-world" countries. It's the myth of the single mom. Sure, there is the occasional widow... there always has been. But that's not the bulk of single mothers out there. Sure, there's the occasional wife who suffered physical abuse... there always has been. But again, that is not the bulk of single mothers out there.

Remember, too - it's not abuse until the man hits back.

Most single moms out there are single moms by their own choice. They chose to have sex, have a child, and then put their ex on the hook for the monetary support as awarded by the anti-family courts.
* Many of the women who have done this have done so with that singular goal in mind. They were out to scam a man from the beginning.
* Many other women in this situation are there because they fell for the lure of "Divorce Porn" - the modern pushing of acceptance of divorce as not only normal and healthy, but desirable in many cases.
* Many more women live with a "princess" entitlement mentality. They feel they deserve a "Prince Charming," and will leave their current man when he cannot be molded into one.

There are many more reasons women initiate divorce, to be sure, but these three make up the bulk of the reasons. Can you think of others?

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