Friday, June 16, 2017

Mount Review

Recently, I purchased a LaRue LT104 quick detach mount. The goal is to have my SPR outfitted with an ACOG for regular use, and a Primary Arms HUD DMR scope for overwatch duties. I run 75 grain Hornady ammo for precosion, so the scope's BDC matches up well for such duties.

The LT104 mount was easy to install and rugged in build. The quick release levers are virtually identical in appearance and function to the quick release levers I have on my ACOG. With the mount installed, I headed to the Range to zero the scope and verify that the mount will return to zero after removal.

A silver sharpie was used to mark where the tabs should go on my rail, so that the scope was put back in the same spot each time. So how did the mount do?

Here is my first group of the evaluation. Prior to shooting this group, I had zeroed the scope, and removed it. I put the scope back on the rifle, and fired at this Army zeroing target from 100 yards. Yes - you read that correctly - I fired on a 25 m target at 100 m. The scaled target was to represent a 300 m target when used at 25 m. Since it was used at 100, the target appeared the same size as a 1200 yard target would appear.

All in the Black... pun intended (ammo was Hornady Black).

Next, I took off the scope for the 2nd time since zeroing, and put my ACOG on my rifle, Lucy.

I guess I only need 4 power to hit a target at 1200 yards.

Off came the ACOG, and on went the Primary Arms scope in the LaRue mount for a third time.

And again, all shots in the black.

Given that the Hornady ammo is between 1 and 2 MOA, I'd say that the rifle was zeroed, and it kept it's zero.

Lessons Learned
1. LaRue makes good stuff. Go get some!
2. Shooting at Army zero targets from 100 yards is hard.
3. The LaRue LT104 mount is truly return to zero... and not many are.

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