Friday, June 23, 2017

Marksmanship Evaluation

It was time to practice the Marksmanship Evaluation.

Two US Army zero targets are placed at 25 m.
5 rounds are fired at each target.
There is a 90 second time limit.
Shots in the black score 4 points.
Shots in the circle score 5 points.

If more than 5 shots find their way onto a target, the lowest 5 scores are used.
0 - 28 points: does not qualify.
29 - 38 points: Marksman
39 - 44 points: Sharpshooter
45 - 50 points: Expert Rifleman

I used three different types of ammo. Here are the results -

The results speak for themselves.
Take the evaluation. Tell me how you did. I'll post your picture!

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