Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gamma Libertarians

Why are so many Libertarians also Gammas?

Perhaps we should reword the question - why are so many Gammas also Libertarians?

Example 1 -

See this social media post from a Gamma Libertarian.

Wow.. Trump is now blaming Obama for the Russian meddling in the election. This is the equivalent of a rapist blaming a victim, telling them, you knew I wanted to rape you, why didn't you stop me.  Trump needs to resign for the good of America.

So much virtue signaling, it could be a virtue lighthouse.

Example 2 -

Enter Gamma #2 -

"Tax all at a fair flat rate. Except married couples. That's fair."
- Republicans

"Everyone is equal. Unless you work; pay more. That's fair and equal."
- Libs

"Everyone is free. Except homosexuals; don't let 'em marry because Jesus."
- Conservs

Not ironically, you'll notice two attacks at conservatives,  and one at liberals. Again, Virtue Signaling. And they let you see that in their innermost being, they hate conservatives the most.


Because conservatives know that there must be authority. And it is to this authority that a Gamma can never inwardly submit. This is what makes them Gamma.

As much as I appreciate liberty, there are two facts that just never sat well with me
1. So many Gammas in the Libertarian wing. Disgusting creatures. I cannot keep their company.
2. 99.5% of people cannot self rule. This is a fact of civilization.

Come to the #AltRight - we have cookies.

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