Monday, June 5, 2017

Total Package

Seen on social media:

Current struggle: the guy you dated was quite douchey so you don't miss him but you do miss the things you did together and the connection you had over the little things in life. Why's it so hard to find someone who has the full package?

Naturally, this was written by a female.  There are many points that could be made from these two sentences, albeit one of them is a really bad run-on sentence  (with poor punctuation). However, three points seem to really stick out. 

1. Women are attracted to douchey guys.  And then they "wonder" why he won't be nice.  Here's a hint: if he acts nice, he will find himself in the friend zone.  And you, the girl, won't want to date him.

2. Men are no longer masculine.  Feminism and liberal ideology has made masculinity out to be "toxic." So the real complaint is why are so many women (and men, to some extent) training their sons to be BETA schlub "nice guys?" Why not raise your son to be the complete package?

3. What makes you, the girl, worth a man who has the total package? Women are no longer feminine these days.  So many are fat, bitchy, entitled, princess attitude, promiscuous, etc. A woman with the total package is what a man with the total package will select.

Good news for women - you ladies can control most of the factors that make you or break you when it comes to attractiveness to a man.  Fat, bitchy, entitled, princess attitude, and promiscuous are all decisions. You can decide to be something other than that unpleasantness. 

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