Friday, May 22, 2015

Butt Love

Or was it???

A "woman" recently carried a mattress across the stage during her graduation from college. She did so in protest of her university's alleged apathy toward punishing her alleged rapist.

Only, the DA said there was no evidence of rape. Oh, and she sent him flirty and loving texts and Facebook messages for week / months after the alleged incident.

But she persisted in her weird Social Justice Warrior (SJW) ways, and continues to claim rape to this day... even though she didn't even try to file the charges against the man for seven months! And her "cause" seems unwarranted because those who side with her don't even have the common decency] to clean up after themselves.

In fact, the university has been sued for defamation by the man who was seemingly wrongly accused of the rape.

And, if you needed even more proof that the rape was no rape, President Obama invited the woman to the State of the Union address. You know, given the President's history on taking sides like this, had I been the young woman in question, I'd have gone into permanent hiding the moment I found out he took my side.

The sex was consensual.
She got mad because he bragged about it. Or maybe because he found another flame.
She and her bitchy advisers got together and hatched a scheme to "get him back."
Anybody who marries this girl is asking for a one-way trip to an incredibly hot locale.


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