Tuesday, May 19, 2015

False Accusations

From a reader -
Do you ever have gammas or hamsters accuse you of s*** you didn't do? How do you stop it?

All the time. That's what they do - accuse people who aren't guilty. They do this because they cannot attack you with legitimate accusations. 

Some do it by way of projection, and others by way of lashing out against perceived authority. How you handle it depends on circumstance.

If the accusations happen in front of nobody, or a small group of people who know better, simply do not acknowledge.
If the accusation happens in front of many people, in front of people who don't know better, or in a social media outlet; then follow this format:

- BRIEF one or two sentence response that touches on the incredulous nature of the accusation and how rediculous such a  charge would be.

- IF the challenge persists, and only if further argument is needed or cannot be avoided, then restate facts and turn the burden of proof back to the accusing party. Agreeing and amplifying can be very powerful here.

Don't get too wordy (people tune out), and don't persist in the argument. Give a final statement of fact, and leave the accuser dangling with the burden of proof. Then give it no more time of day. The only reason people would think you would continue to harp on it is if you felt you were guilty.

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