Friday, May 22, 2015

Still Can't Shoot Straight

Got to the shooting range recently. While there, I was able to conduct an accuracy test (technically precision) of some ammo. The ammo tested was Federal American Eagle 50-gr. varmint tipped .223.
I fired a pair of 5-shot groups, aiming at the "8" and the "9" on the green and white target. As you can see, less than a 2-inch spread and almost exactly on target. Not bad for ammo that only costs around $0.50 per round (the box of 20 rounds sold for $10.99).
Next, I fired a 10-round group at the black and orange target. This time I was using my gun's favorite ammo - Federal Premium 69-gr. SMK. Less than a 1-inch group, as expected.
The rifle used was my SPR.
All shots pictured were fired at a range of 100 yards. 
After that, I ran some "El Diablo" drills (dropping 1 point using the red dot and dropping 2 points using a Primary Arms 1-6x variable power scope) and some handgun drills.
Other notes:
- My selection of a Smith & Wesson M&P as a combat handgun was confirmed. I ran drills with it and with my 1911.  The M&P was superior in every category except trigger pull. I might move up to an M&P in .45 ACP. 
- A red dot is still the fastest optic for close range work.  It would be my go-to optic for a potential SHTF situation. Have no fear, I'd still carry an ACOG or scope (with a BDC) in my bag... just in case I needed to "reach out and touch someone." 

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