Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Unfair Withholding

Was eating supper some time back. The restaurant had few patrons, and at the moment, the servers were rolling silverware into the napkins. They were chatting amongst themselves, and I got to overhear this gem...

One server, a bit older than the others (early to mid 30's?), was detailing how her ex-husband wanted to see their daughter. The server exclaimed that she would be happy to allow the visitation, the moment he caught up on his 11 years of back child support.

One problem - no state allows a parent to withhold visitation on the basis of unpaid child support. What she was doing was illegal.

In another place, in another time, I'd have said she was moderately attractive... particularly given her age. And that might be a contributing factor as to why she can hold such anti-social (read: illegal) views and still be considered by the opposite sex. Sure as hell isn't because she has anything of value to offer in a relationship.

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