Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trump Love, Trump Hate

Facebook is an interesting social media experiment. Recently, I went over 1000 friends, so it's getting to a point where I have some halfway decent data when looking at trends.

Not surprisingly, a number of the people I'm connected to on FB are for Trump, and a number of others are against him. At this point, it is impossible to tell who hates him more - liberals or cuckservatives. No, check that, I know who hates him more: liberal feminists. But, for the sake of a more complete article, here's an all-too-quick list of typical posts and responses from each of these types:

Cuckservative Male
These are almost all gammas who, if married, are married to low SMV women. A very few are deltas leaning gamma. They post or respond with either "Trump is a joke" or "Trump is not really conservative" (as if they'd know...) or "Trump is hateful / bigoted / egotistical."

Cuckservative Female
Sometimes the cuckservative female is married to the cuckservative male. Sometimes they are chronically unmarried. They mostly respond with "Trump is hateful / bigoted / egotistical," and occasionally with "Trump is a joke."

Libtard Male
Gammas and omegas here. These folks most often resort to the "Trump is hateful / bigoted / egotistical."

Liberal Feminist Female
All women of low SMV (surprised? I'm not). The spite toward Trump is the most vengeful... most likely because they yearn to be with a man like him, yet know they would never stand a chance. They mostly respond with "Trump is hateful / bigoted / egotistical," and occasionally with "Trump is a joke."

Feminine Women
Women who have yet to hit The Wall and who haven't been brainwashed by feminism are almost universally for Trump (occasionally Cruz). Women who have hit the "marriage wall" successfully - age 30, and married well before that, and were a SMV of 6+ in their prime - also tend to prefer Trump, with the occasional support for Cruz.

Why the Cruz support here?  Alpha Game suggests Cruz has a streak of Sigma, and I concur. If he is more beta than sigma, he is clearly the top beta, and would have been the alpha had Trump not run. He is not more sigma than beta, because if that were the case, Trump would have  despised him much more than he has.

More On Women
Generally speaking, the closer in proximity to The Wall, the more likely the woman was to be downright spiteful toward Trump. Hmmm...

The exception, as noted above, we're the high SMV women and formerly higher SMVs who were married to high SMV men and had children they were raising (the ultimate in femininity).

Masculine Men
These men favor Trump for varying reasons. A good friend and "wolf alpha" (as I   call him ) put it  this way:
The only two pertinent questions for me are:

1) Does the candidate love America and want what’s best for America?

2) Can the candidate get results?

Trump is the only candidate on either side who gets a definite yes to both questions.

Dear readers, let's make America great again!

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