Monday, November 2, 2015

He Got Game

Recently, I witnessed a friend demonstrate major league game when handling a gamma Twitter attack.

Heartiste provides three major types of  responses to shit-tests. Remember, by definition, a gamma is a man who acts like a bitchy woman. Therefore, expect bitchy shit-tests. But let's see how these shit-tests were handled. In the interest of preserving the interaction as well as helping others better themselves, here is analysis of this  Wolf Alpha's responses...
(Remember, this exchange delivered via Twitter)

Wolf Alpha - (starter tweet, not aimed at anybody) - GOP campaigns meet to try to fix debates, after complaints of liberal bias, gotcha questions - Fox News (link redacted - irrelevant).

Gamma Troll - So they're trying to "fix" the debates? I would expect no less from the party that cant answer a question.

WA - Just trying to have actual adults moderate the next one.
(Ridicule & reframe)

GT - Don't you think someone running for POTUS should be able to answer questions? Like Hillary did for 11 hours 8th bs Benghazi
(Notice the irrelevant correlation - proof of shit-test)

WA - Nah. I just want to expand gun rights, outlaw abortion, and cut marginal tax rates.
(Ridicule and reframe)

GT - Guns guns guns
Go walk through a housing project at night
Open your eyes
(Pathetic attempt at reframe)

WA - Black Lives Matter!
(Agree & amplify)

GT - You think only blacks live in the projects?
What a great and knowledgeable Christian you are!

WA - Actually, I'm a Libertarian.

GT - Your tweets say racist

WA - But I've lived in the hood. I love the hood. #mypeople
(Ridicule & reframe)

GT - And I'm an independent (trying to qualify himself)
But not a racist or a bigot
Probably more Christian than others
But who knows

WA - Then you and I seem to have a great deal in common.
(Ignore & dismiss)

Rarely do you see evidence of all three in the wild... read and learn, my apprentices.

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