Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another One Down

Yes, I have faults (I know - big surprise, huh?). One of them is that I can be too forgiving of a man. I'll give someone a second chance they don't deserve. Even when I trimmed  the Facebook herd, I left a few known Gammas on there as they were quiet and most of them I'd known for many years. But, as mentioned in the linked article I wrote, all the drama in my life comes from either women or Gammas.

One such Gamma was a friend from my youth. I guess we met through a mutual friend when I was about 15.  We shared some similar interests. However, it was a short lived friendship - too much drama. Always things like "I'm the best at this," or crying (literally) over that.

Enough was enough. I decided to end it. One day, at our mutual friend's house, I told him I wasn't coming over any more, and he wasn't welcome at my place. He was angry. A wrestling "match" ensued... read: he started fighting, I responded with jiu-jitsu and played with him. After he tired out, I got up and walked off. He was beaten and I hadn't thrown a punch, and hadn't even hurt him.

I may have seen him around a couple of times later in high school and college. Chattanooga is a small town, after all. Never even a sharp glance or word. Just mutual nods, followed by him lowering his eyes to the ground in deference. Then, through the miracle of Facebook, we reconnected about four years ago. Interestingly enough, he's 40 and never married. A mutual friend says he's only had two girlfriends ever. Poor guy!

To this point, we had not actually interacted much. However, on a pro-Trump post, he elected to go Gamma again. He responded with lies, doubling down, and projection. Gee, where have we seen that before? After fair warning, I removed his incendiary remarks. He went to his own page and posted about all the "lies" of Trump and my ilk.

How to handle this? Simple post about the Three Laws. Then, I name which Law he is adhering to on each of his rant posts. It took exactly two of my replies for him to unfriend me. To his credit, he didn't outright block me.

Hope he enjoys his next Senshi Con or Cosplay Craze. And no, I'm not making those up. They were the highlights on his Facebook timeline.

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