Friday, July 15, 2016

Deconstructing the Myth of the Alpha Female

This one is absolutely hilarious. Traits of the "alpha female." We all know there is really no such thing as an alpha female. Females are best rated in tiers. Nevertheless, the talking points in the meme make for a good blog post here.

She is pro woman
On the surface, this sounds just fine. However, we all know this is coded language for "she is a feminist." And quite frankly, there is nothing more unattractive in a woman than the presence of two things: excess fat and feminism. There is no way a woman can retain top tier status if she is a feminist.

She cultivates a life she enjoys
Again, sounds good on the surface. Again there is a "however." This time, the coded language indicates that this woman "don't need no man." Since this is the number one tag line of feminism, the presence of this talking point also detracts from a woman's worth.

She makes her move
The theme repeats itself - sounds good, but is actually coded language. Again, this is code for DNNM. More feminism.

She doesn't push herself down
Yet again, this phrase sounds good. This time, the code is not directly from feminism (Yay for the meme maker!). This coded language is rooted in the entitlement princess mentality. These sorts encourage women to do all sorts of stupid things like "fat acceptance" and the like. Not a good mentality, and definitely enough to drag a woman's tier status down.

She desires a partner, not a boyfriend
Direct play from the feminist playbook. No attempt to even disguise it. Of course, the problem is that feminism doesn't foster a partnership as much as it fosters an anti-male mindset and environmental.

She calls people out
Another from the entitlement princess mentality. These people want to make it socially acceptable for a woman to not only not be feminine, but also to get a pass on being outright rude and anti-social.

She knows when to walk away
Again, looks good on paper. But what is this code for? Simple - this is the divorce porn segment of the meme. The only thing feminism and entitlement princesses walk out on is their families in divorce court. They certainly don't walk out on evil.

She doesn't compete for attention
This one is fun. It is entitlement princess coded language for psychological projection. All these sorts can do is compete for attention. So, when they compete for attention, they attempt to make you believe they aren't really competing for attention.

She creates her reality
Repeat of She cultivates a life she enjoys. The repeat here indicates more projection. It isn't true, so they try to talk themselves into it.

She invests in herself
This one can be interpreted as feminist or entitlement princess mentality. It is one of the overlapping fields of interest. This is code for "me first." And such hypergamy is exactly what is warned against in phrases such as "pride comes before a fall."

She dares to go for "it"
Another repeat of She cultivates a life she enjoys, added to a large dose of "you go, girl." The YGG mantra is another of the feminist mainstays along with DNNM.

She knows the life she lives may be intimidating, but she lives anyways
A bunch of YGG, with a dash of DNNM.

What traits would a real Tier 1 woman cultivate?
Oh, no, you don't... that's for a different blog post!

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