Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Alpha B!tch

Some time back, a female I know posted a link to get sympathy.  8 qualities every alpha woman should look for in a man. of course, the implication is that she is an alpha female.

That's why you heard my maniacal laugh for 20 minutes. Yes, I know you don't live anywhere near me.

Alpha Female Quiz
So I took the  dating market value test for her. Since she cannot be counted on the be honest, I did it for her. (-29) was her score. According  to Heartiste:
-39 to -20:  You were born to cockblock.  But you’ll manage to marry a table scrap.

That was extremely accurate.

Vox also has a quiz
She scores "Tier 4" or "Tier 5," depending on if she is a Slutty Jane or Frisky Jane.

Hot-Crazy Matrix
About a 4 hot and about an 8 crazy.
"No-go zone."

Oh, and evidently, a lot of women's magazines are quick to patronize their readership as being "alpha females " instead of just saying the truth: they are bitchy.

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