Friday, June 3, 2016

Look At Sources

Seen on Facebook the other day; the above photo, and this statement:

I was just thinking . . .

There are four living former Presidents (two Democrats and two Republicans) as well as the sitting President. None of them support Donald Trump. That's called bipartisanship.

Perhaps America should pay attention to the people who actually know what the job entails.

Naturally, I have a few questions / comments.

1. Who actually said any of the five men above actually know what the job entails?
Have they been President? Yes.
Did you like what they did as President? If the answer is "no" to any one of them for just about any rational reason, then I can demonstrate why your answer should be "no" for all of them.

2. Name the last "bipartisan" policy went into effect that actually helps you and our society.
You can be sure that if both Democrats and Republicans want it, then it's no good for you and me!

3. Look at the underlying thought.
If you like what you've been getting with the Democrats / Republicans, then don't vote for Trump.
In this case, the reverse is true, as well: if you don't like what Democrats / Republicans have done, then vote for Trump!

4. This was shared by a self-proclaimed conservative.
I suggest she should call herself a "cuckservative." She certainly qualifies as a cuckservative female and was chronically unmarried until nearly age 40. Not ironically, she hit "The Wall" a decade ago.

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