Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lack of Credibility

A person whose only redeeming quality was that she was cute 20 years ago is angry that gun control bills failed in the Senate. But, let's consider this argument based on the merits of the argument, and the reliability of the testimony.

Gun control doesn't work and that's been documented here and other places countless times, so the argument is without merit in itself. So, for the sake of fun, let's evaluate the credibility of the source of the statement:

Contradicting actions
One of this person's first acting gigs was in the movie Commando... which had plenty of guns. Evidently, guns are ok for her, but not the commoners.

Psychological instability
Of course, shortly after she turned 18, she tried desperately to shed her "good girl" image by performing naked in several movies. Like any other headcase, she sued when she found pictures of those nude scenes online.

She married for less than a year in 1999. Yeah, that shows stability and good judgment. She follows this up by getting married ten years later at age 36. We all know what issues the chronically unmarried female has. These issues have to be twice as bad when you have an attractive female who is a famous movie star and she cannot find someone to con... um, I mean marry.

If this was testimony by a witness in court, opposing counsel would have a field day. It would be very detrimental to the side this witness was taking. Here, it's no different.

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