Friday, July 18, 2014

Fat Ladies and Motorized Chairs

The following conversation took place recently. Pops was at a retail establishment and was using the motorized chair as transportation. (It is my opinion that if anybody "deserves" to use one of these, it is Pops - no right leg below the shin, and only half of a foot on the left)

An overweight lady ("OL") walked in, and saw him sitting on the chair. Pops was examining some merchandise and happened to be close to the entryway.

OL: "Are you using that motorized chair?"

Pops: "I am."

OL: "I would sure like to use it when you get finished. It's just so hard for me to walk."

Pops: "It's probably good for you to walk..."

OL: "Well why do you need that chair anyways?"
(note: Pops is just shy of 200 pounds. He doesn't carry much extra weight at all. Not bad for 71 years young, anyways)

Pops: < takes off his artificial leg and holds it up as if to say "this is why" >

OL: < walks away >


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