Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wal Mart Fight

This week, a friend shared  this video on Facebook. There are many observations to be had, and I took note of these things:

Motorized Cart
I've noted before a penchant that fat women have for motorized carts at Wal Mart. Funny, the woman in the cart on this video has no issues getting up to escalate a fight.

Neither fighter showed the skill I'd expect from even a new yellow belt at my studio (~6 months). However, the fighter that controlled the standing clinch and the ground positions also controlled the fight.

I noted two things on striking:

- Neither fighter enjoyed getting hit, but neither was able to knock out or significantly harm a female fighter with strikes. If either had been relying on strikes to subdue or even escape a male, they would have been dead.

- The child was completely incapable of harming a grown woman with strikes. Remember this as you contemplate relying on your kids' karate or taekwondo instruction to keep them safe from a kidnapper.

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