Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ending it All

Earlier this month, my cousin passed away at age 23. Not sure if this is mentioned in any article anywhere, but the cause of death was self-inflicted hanging. For those keeping score, our nearest common ancestor was my grandmother, his great-grandmother, Edna McDaniel.

If you read that last linked article, you'll be curious about something - yes, Drew was in jail at the time of my grandmother's passing. I understand the charges were drug-related.

No, he wasn't perfect.

Jail time
Made his wife have an abortion, then called it a miscarriage.
(Funny story - had a twitterstalker think I was talking about him when I was indeed talking about my cousin. But that's how folks like that do - they want to think it's all about themselves)
To be fair, later, his ex had another abortion (the child was Drew's by all accounts) against Drew's wishes. Supposedly, this influenced his decision to end things.

Someone asked me if his committing suicide would keep him from Heaven. There is no verse in the Bible to indicate that. The only unpardonable sin is rejection of God.

It has been asked if he took the coward's way out with suicide. That can be argued, and I wouldn't argue hard against that. Still, one time I read that suicide is a person admitting that their burden has been too great to bear. I know that in jiu-jitsu, we tap to indicate submission.

I'd never kill myself; but in light of that perspective, I can almost understand the motive.


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