Friday, May 16, 2014

... As Stupid Does

Dear readers... sorry about the delay on this one. Thought I'd set it to publish over a year ago, but found it marinating in my "drafts" section. Pushed it to the next open date. 

From a reader:

You have written a bit about stupid people you have seen at the range. Do you often run in to idiots at the range? How do you handle it?

Good question. One that I think bears a good answer, so here's my best.

Let's start with the "stupid people at the range." Understand, there are stupid people everywhere.
Some people manage to catch metal dump trucks on fire on the interstate.
Some people critique your career choice when they change careers paths more often than underwear (and make less of a salary in their mid-40's than I'd made by age 25).
Some people think we have 57 states...

So the range is not the only spot for a stupid person.

That said, when firearms are involved, stupidity can have lethal consequences. So I pay particular attention to the shooters around me when I am shooting. I prefer to shoot with few or no other shooters on the line, but that's not always possible.

Depending on circumstance:
I may just look at someone cross-ways.
I might say something... the level of snark to outright loud will depend on the level of severity of the offense.
I might take physical action - point their gun in a safe direction forcibly, or even draw at them if they shoot in my direction.
I might just leave. 

Be alert. Be aware. Assume they will always make the worst possible decisions.
(that advice works when driving, too!)


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