Friday, November 13, 2020

Aftermath II

The election is over. 

The Press is proclaiming Joe Biden as the winner. 

But, there is a problem. 

Widespread and well-substantiated allegations of fraudulent ballots and incorrect counts are to be had. All in key battleground states. Court battles are afoot. How will it end? Time will tell. 

Still, I stand by my statement that Trump won or Biden cheated. 
Trump legitimately garnered 73 million votes. That's 10 million more than he earned in his election in 2016. For comparison, Obama secured 4 million fewer votes when he was re-elected than when he was first elected. Speaking of which, if you really believe Joe Biden secured 77 million legitimate votes - more than anyone in history - I've got some oceanfront property here in Tennessee to sell you. 

Speaking of improbable numbers - check out this link. It is an in-depth investigation into the improbability of the numbers we are getting fed. Most notably - 1 million votes in PA for Trump being "lost." Also, numbers in tight states being switched at a predictable rate to cause an apparent Trump loss. 

In the end, if the entire Deep State wins the court battles, and they may, then you know we have lost our Republic. Their claims to want to let "democracy" determine things is but another lie. 

If Trump loses, then one of two things will be true:
1. We will never elect another Republican president in my lifetime (and the Republic will fall into full-blown socialism and collapse). 
2. Republicans will have to resort to similar cheating tactics to "win." At this point, the Republic is equally lost. The nature of which will just be slightly different. 

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