Friday, September 11, 2020

Life Changes 3

How to fix my problem?

90% diet. 10% exercise. 

I stopped running 6 years ago due to knee injury. I will resume walking when cleared. 

Diet - 90% carnivore. And I must stick to it. And I shall. 

To be sure, several close family members feel this is an error. They may even feel that it was meat that got me into this situation. There is simply no objective proof of that. The "studies" were based on surveys of people trying to remember what they ate - not actual controlled studies with closely managed variables (types and amounts of food given). 

There is no diet that can guarantee human longevity. 
However, there is a diet that can guarantee a shorter life - the standard American diet. 
- Dr. Ken Berry. 

At the time this was written, 9 days without a processed carbohydrate. Only a handful of green vegetables consumed. 16 pounds lost. Blood Glucose returning to normal levels. 

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