Monday, December 23, 2019

By The Numbers

By the numbers.

10 classes.
74 students.
2 family members.
8 comps.
15,000+ rounds.

The first full course schedule year for Patriot Training was definitely a success. Every rifle shooter hit targets all the way out to 300 yards. Every handgun shooter hit targets at 25 yards. Find identity

Financially, I learned that the break-even point is between four and five students for each class. We did not have a single class with fewer than 5 participants. Two classes had only 5 participants, but two other classes had 10+.

Strategically, I learned how to advertise correctly on Facebook to maximize revenues. One thing I did not expect in this column was that I will have to keep careful watch, as about once per week on the Facebook ad there is an asinine post by somebody. It's best just to remove those quickly instead of trying to correct people, or correct opinion.

Great year and I expect more in 2020.

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