Thursday, August 3, 2017

More #cucks Cucking

This meme, shared by Vox Day, contains much truth.  Liberals hate memes from the Right, because they can contain irrefutable truth and are more likely to be read and understood than a wall of text.  Almost like a political zinger. 

What's funny, is this inspired yours truly to engage in a little trolling on social media.  Before long, a #cuckservative and a #Libtard were both trying to double team me.  Of course, the antics failed to work and memeology won the day again.

But, it was revealing to see two "opposites" work together. One person, whose Bookface profile identified him to be a liberal. The second person's Bookface profile claimed "moderate conservatism." They worked hand in hand together.  They both could have been shitlibs, based on how they portrayed their points. 

Don't talk to me about conservatism.  It has failed.  There is the Right.  And there is the Wrong. 

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