Saturday, August 12, 2017

Alt Right Still

Today's topic - the goings on in Virginia.

The #AltRight is not the #AltReich ... but the #fakenews media will lump them together. Also in that lump are the Alt Light, the New Right, Conservatives, #cuckservatives , Trump supporters, Nazis, TradCons, Neocons, Libertarians, RINOs, Baptists, and whomever else they wish to demonize at the given moment.

Wishing success for white people is not the same as wishing failure for non-white people. There's a huge difference. But then, you knew that.

The only thing that was accomplished today was an abridgment of our freedom of speech.


This reply from a self-described "conservative" is why conservatism is dead.

Understand, there is a culture war going on now. If you lean right at all, you will be lumped in with all of the above. Accept it. Get over it. Learn to fight fire with fire. Fail at this, and you will be no more.

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